The Ultimate Oral Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse

The Ultimate Oral Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse

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The Ultimate Oral Oral Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse Is Finally Formulated as CHELOREX



Morton Walker, D.P.M

In 1961, a group of university historians pressured the Government of France to dig up Napoleon Bonaparte's body (died 1821) in order to finally determine the cause of the former emperor's death.  A mineral analysis of the corpse's hair was performed, which found it to contain more than one hundred times a normal level of the heavy toxic metal, arsenic.  This suggested that Le Petit Caporal  (the little corporal) had been poisoned.1  

The poisoning was not necessarily carried out by Napoleon's political enemies, but rather it could have come from any number of unsuspected but potential sources on the Island of St. Helena.  They might have been contaminated seafood, well water, burning coal, poultry or livestock feed additives, wood preservatives, wine, wallpaper dye, colored chalk, and other chemical pollutants of that time.

Because heavy metals are responsible for so many disease symptoms, their toxicology has attracted considerable notice from consumers as well as the scientific community.  Metallic poisonings of all varieties and their infusion into the planetary ecosystem have increased manifold in the twenty-first century with its technologic explosion.  Metallic contaminations appear destined to worsen even more into the next century.   Unquestionably, they are hazardous to human existence.  

What Is the Definition of Toxic Metals?

Toxic metals are loosely defined as those elements whose presence at certain concentrations are known to interfere with normal metabolic functions usually at the level of the enzyme and the mitochondrion.  Several of the more poisonous metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum have no known biological role.  Others are thought to be essential at lower (trace) concentrations but are poisonous at high levels as in the case of iron, nickel, arsenic, and copper.  Some metals are especially predisposed to producing illnesses when they are placed in close proximity to human tissues which is the situation for dental restorative materials.  Most metallic products used in dentistry not only are toxic for the patient but also for the dentist and his technicians.  Conventionally-practicing dentists employing mechanical techniques are the professionals most hazardous to everyone’s health.

Because of modern industrial technology, each person living in Western industrialized countries today is known to be at least a thousand times more polluted with heavy metals and aluminum than was anyone who lived when Christ walked the earth.

Contamination of the human body with various toxic metals is common.  There are twenty-two damaging toxic heavy metals.  Aluminum is toxic but with a specific gravity of only 2.7 is not one of the heavy metals. Six of the toxic metals are entering our everyday environment in ever increasing amounts:  mercury, cadmium, lead, aluminum, arsenic, and nickel.  These are indestructible, recycled, and poisonous to both internal and external body processes.  While the toxic metals may be polluting a person's physiology as the result of occupational exposure or generalized ecological contamination, other metals are actually implanted into individuals by health professionals such as orthopedists, and cardiac surgeons and dentists.  In addition to mercury, dentists implant other more subtle but less recognized metallic poisons, for instance, copper, palladium, tin, nickel, silver, and zinc.  

If it can be avoided, under no circumstance should anyone allow himself or herself to remain in prolonged intimate contact with toxic heavy metals; otherwise, one’s risk of experiencing an illness syndrome is high.  In late 1993, the Toxic Element Research Foundation of Colorado Springs, Colorado used a questionnaire devised by the then functioning Huggins Diagnostic Center under the supervision of Hal A. Huggins, D.D.S., which was distributed to 1,320 patients who were in treatment for heavy metal toxicity.  The Sidebar of TABLE 1 shows these patients’ frequency of dysfunctions.


Frequency of Signs and/or Symptoms for Heavy Metal Toxicity

Depicted are the percentage of times a certain set of signs or symptoms were 

experienced by 1,320 respondents who had been poisoned by toxic metals:

Symptom Recorded by the Patient         Percentage Experienced

  1. Unexplained irritability 73.3
  2. Constant or very frequent periods of depression 72.0
  3. Numbness and tingling in the extremities 67.3
  4. Frequent urination during the night 64.5
  5. Unexplained severe chronic fatigue 63.1
  6. Cold hands and feet, even in moderate/warm weather 62.6
  7. Bloated feeling most of the time 60.6
  8. Difficulty with remembering or use of memory 58.0
  9. Sudden, unexplained or unsolicited anger 55.5
  10. Constipation on a regular basis 54.2
  11. Difficulty in making even simple decisions 54.2
  12. Tremors or shakes of hands, feet, head, etc. 52.3
  13. Twitching of face and other muscles 52.3
  14. The experiencing of frequent leg cramps 49.1
  15. Constant or frequent ringing or noise in ears 47.8
  16. Getting out of breath easily 43.1
  17. Having frequent or recurring heartburn 42.5
  18. Feeling excessive itching 40.8
  19. Experiencing unexplained rashes, skin irritation 40.4
  20. Having constant or frequent metallic taste in mouth 38.7
  21. Feeling jumpy, jittery, nervous 38.1
  22. Fighting off a constant death wish or suicidal intent 37.3
  23. Having sleepless nights and frequent insomnia 36.4
  24. Undergoing unexplained chest pains 35.6
  25. Feeling constant or frequent pain in joints 35.5
  26. Experiencing tachycardia (100 heart beats per minute) 32.4
  27. Showing unexplained fluid retention 28.2
  28. Having burning sensation on the tongue 20.8
  29. Getting headaches just after eating 20.1

30 Experiencing frequent diarrhea 14.9

Evolution of a Chelating Formula Administered Orally

Recognizing the incident growth of illness syndromes and the percentage of recurrences of the same dysfunctions and/or discomforts for people all over North American, numbers of holistic thinking health professionals have become disillusioned with the practice procedures of standard modern medicine.  They saw that mainstream medicine was failing its patients.  Some of these doctors sought to enlighten themselves by any effective means possible, and this was the case for one particular physician working in Baltimore, Maryland.

“Fifteen years ago, noting the lack of progress toward healing in many of my patients, I felt frustrated and dissatisfied.  While many patients improved with the correction of nutritional deficiencies, the administering of drugs never seemed to cure anyone, even though these patients were taking vitamins.   I prayed to God, asking to be shown what I needed to know so that I might really help people become well,” says Alan Greenberg, M.D., formerly of Baltimore, Maryland.  “I was practicing neurology and psychiatry, and had taken several years of post-graduate training in biochemistry under a National Science Foundation grant, but felt that Medicine was not addressing the real causes of disease.    

“And then it happened!  I became increasingly aware of medical literature regarding metal toxicity, chemical poisoning, environmental pollution, and fluoride poisoning, .  Numerous unsolicited mail pieces arrived day after day that informed about external invaders of the body and brain with the potential to bring on signs and symptoms of pathology.  I began doing hair analysis on all my patients and was shocked and amazed to see the high incidence of metal poisoning in them.  I was not yet aware that the World Health Organization had stated in a 1974 Report on Toxic Metals that 82% of chronic degenerative disease was caused by toxic metals.  I purchased a textbook of naturopathic medicine and was impressed by the large amount of useful information in contrast to standard allopathic textbooks of medicine in which almost every disease was said to be either genetic or idiopathic.  I began to see increasing numbers of patients with multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, whose lives were significantly affected.  Invariably I discovered that these people contained elevated amounts of toxic metals such as mercury, lead, antimony, arsenic and uranium.  I saw that all my patients working with metal – welders, machinists, auto mechanics, plumbers, painters, carpenters and jewelers  had evidence of metal toxicity with high levels of toxic metals.  Toxic metal poisoning was causing their various difficulties – mental problems such as depression, irritability, impaired impulse control, violent behavior, sleep disturbances, impaired concentration and memory, speech disturbances and neuropathies,  severe headaches including migraine, premature aging, hair loss, chronic pain syndromes, hypertension, Raynaud’s syndrome and thyroid dysfunction, GI disturbances, porphyria, gout, diabetes, autoimmune disturbances, allergies, immune suppression, and kidney, liver and heart failure.  

“The effect of toxic metals on mitochondrial function causing impaired energy metabolism and the concomitant release of free radicals is a major issue in the pathologies of sick people. Some 85 to 90 percent of free radicals produced cellular disruption from mitochondrial dysfunction. This leads to chronic fatigue and tissue damage resulting in long term degenerative disease.  The overwhelming majority of metal poisoning (perhaps 98 percent) is due to chronic rather than acute exposure to toxic metals.” Dr. Greenberg states.  “This leads to gradual insidious development of symptoms, often overlooked initially until damage is far advanced. 

“The detoxification of metals in the liver is an energy-dependant process utilizing three molecules of glutathione for every molecule of toxic metal excreted,” says the physician, “For this leads to chronic depletion of glutathione, which together with selenium is necessary for the detoxification of chemicals, for protection against intracellular free radicals and for the conversion of  relatively inactive thyroxin to the much more active T3. 

“Initially I attempted  to remove metals from the patients’ tissues by using two potent synthetic chelating agents,  DMPS [2,3-Dimercapto propane-1-sulfonic acid] and DMSA [2,3-Dimercaptosuccinic acid].  But many patients, especially those with chemical sensitivities with impaired detoxification  mechanisms, encountered severe adverse reactions to taking these highly potent drugs.’  So I began seeking out natural and nontoxic chelating agents, and I found a whole host of them which I kept adding to my formulation,” Dr. Greenberg advises.  “I used green foods such as cilantro extract for mobilizing toxic metals from the central nervous system and chlorella algae as ionic exchange resins to prevent reabsorption of toxic metals from the GI tract.  Plus I formulated into my new and evolving orally-administered, over-the-counter food supplement trace minerals such as magnesium and selenium which reduce metallic toxicity and zinc which stimulates metallothionein synthesis. 

“Into the oral chelator I put the amino acid N-acetylcysteine (NAC), the glutathione precursor L-glutamine, and alpha lipoic acid to  raise glutathione levels.  I included taurine for enhancing biliary excretion, inhibiting cytokine release, and protecting the central nervous system, eye and leukocytes.” says Dr. Greenberg.  “Alpha lipoic acid also binds intracellular toxic metals, and quenches free radicals.  Vitamins C, known to enhance toxic metal excretion and vitamin E are part of the formula too.  Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is placed in there to enhance cell membrane permeability and reduce inflammation.” 

Ongoing Studies with Dr. Greenberg’s Commercial Product

This metal detoxification regimen was made into a commercial product initially called “Metal Flush”, but now marketed exclusively as Chelorex.  In this product is a synergistic blend of ingredients which enhance the body’s natural mechanisms for excreting the entire range of  toxic metals and which also enhance the body’s ability to detoxify chemicals .  Because the formula contains both hydrophilic chelators and lipophilic agents raise intracellular glutathione and pass through the blood brain barrier, it can remove toxic metals from intracellular locations and mobilize heavy metals from the central nervous system.  For the past three years the manufacturer has maintained an ongoing study of Chelorex revealing very impressive decreases in levels of the entire range of toxic metals in hair and feces in all patients adhering to the recommended regimen.  

The most impressive results have been seen in those patients with the highest initial toxic metal levels. The Carolina Center Study conducted by John Pittman, M.D., (reported below) was remarkable not only because of the enhanced fecal excretion of mercury but because of the impressive release of other metals including platinum, tungsten, beryllium, bismuth, lead, cadmium, uranium and arsenic.  Why is this important?  Because the presence of multiple toxic metals significantly lowers the toxic threshold for each of the metals present. Furthermore, synthetic chemicals, including pharmaceutical drugs, can and do cause mitochondrial dysfunction with its serious adverse consequences. 

“Because Chelorex contains only natural substances, it causes minimal or no adverse side effects even for highly sensitive chemically-reactive people,” asserts Dr. Alan Greenberg.  (Please see the photograph of Alan Greenberg.)

Recommended Chelorex Doses to Achieve Oral Chelation Therapy

The optimal Chelorex dosages for eliminating long-term exposure to and any prolonged deposition of toxic metals for overburdened body tissues are the following:

Take one caplet per 10 pounds of body weight each morning;

Take 1 caplet per 10 pounds of body weight each evening.

While drinking seven glasses of purified water per day, continue this therapeutic regimen for 45 days.  Some persons may choose to take only one dose of 1 caplet per 10 lbs per day for 90 days.  Following this therapeutic regimen, the manufacturer, Science Formulas, Inc., recommends a maintenance dosage level, which consists of ingesting three-to-six caplets daily with food.  

Except for some infrequently-occurring minor side effects such as slight increase in urination or bowel movements, a feeling of sluggishness, transient mild headache during the first few days of ingestion from enhanced mobilization of toxic material, potential physiological benefits are likely to accrue.  Reported by various subjects in no particular order of appearance are possible improved vision, increased energy and vigor, a greater sense of well being, stimulation of libido, more stamina, reduced hypertension, a lower blood cholesterol reading, deeper sleep that comes on sooner, smoother skin tone, the lightening in color of age spots, improved coordination and balance, clearer thinking, better memory, a more cooperative personality, reduction of pain, and  diminished allergies.

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